Talk:The Modern Musick-Master, or The Universal Musician (Prelleur, Peter)

Dear KGill, thanks for working on the Prelleur page. I notice you've changed the names of the files. The reason I gave the names I did were: a, The instructions of how to play the instrument in question have been omitted - (These account for about half of each original document) b, I have not included all the music contained in each original document. That's why I thought the original names would mislead. What do you think? Regards shafflein

That's certainly true, but the fact that there's now a heading entitled 'Dances and Marches' above the files might serve to clarify things (i.e., it tells the user that you transcribed only selected parts of the work). Cheers, KGill talk email 19:36, 28 October 2010 (UTC)

To KGill: Thanks for drawing my attention to the extra heading, which I missed. That does the job fine.

To Steltz: I see you have changed Traverso to Flute. I use "Traverso" so that players of the Baroque flute can search and find scores dedicated to their instrument. I've had a similar discussion regarding a Bach transcription I did, and Traverso was re-instated. Please let me know what you think. Regards Shafflein