Talk:Tournament Galop (Gottschalk, Louis Moreau)

This piece similar to Quidant's "Etude-Galop", op. 21.

I've known this piece by Gottschalk for many years, but I have just come across a piece by Alfred Quidant which has a weird similarity to it: "Etude-Galop", op. 21 (,_Op.21_%28Quidant,_Alfred%29). At least 3 themes have a similar tune in both pieces, and similar harmonies and figuration too - it surely can't be coincidence. Whether the imitation of one piece by the other is deliberate, or unconscious borrowing of a source no longer consciously remembered by the later composer is a matter of doubt.

Gottschalk's piece is from 1854 - does anyone know whether Quidant's came before or after this? M.J.E. 16:50, 24 August 2009 (UTC)