Talk:Viola Concerto in the Style of Handel (Casadesus, Henri)

This piece is listed as Baroque era, even though its composer was born in the mid-19th century. Why, then, is it in the Baroque listings?

Henri Casadesus was a member of the Society of Ancient Instruments, founded 1901, in which he played the Viola d'Amore. The Society was credited with rediscovering many works of the Baroque era, which they played and published. In reality, many of these pieces were written by Casadesus and his brothers, most notably Mario (who seems to have specialized in early Classical idioms.)

Henri specialized in Baroque idioms, and the two pieces here, Viola Concerto in the style of Handel and Viola Concerto in the style of CPE Bach were put forward as compositions of Handel and CPE Bach, respectively. They were actually written by Henri Casadesus. The pseudo-CPE Bach concerto was, in fact, in the early part of the 20th century, claimed to be the most often played and performed of CPE Bach's concertos! Tiorbinist 23:00, 8 January 2011 (UTC)

- Most complelling argument would be that these are baroque in style, regardless of when they were composed. Listing them as modern would be dissonant. The info-field being "Piece Style" should not be understood literally and not assumed to necessarily restrict the era in which a piece was composed as composition dates attend this issue.