Talk:Violin Sonata No.4, Op.129 (Raff, Joachim)

The sonatas have been twice recorded - on the cpo label ( and has now been concluded - 777006-2 has sonatas 4 and 5, the other 3 came out some time before; Ingolf Turban and Jasha Nemtsov) and on Tudor (on two CDs and complete, performers' surnames are Daskalakis & Ishay: 2, 5; 1, 3, 4.). I know of no recordings of the individual violin sonatas outside of the series (unlike other works of Raff which have gotten recorded outside of complete series- even movements of the 7th string quartet, I gather, in the acoustic era). (Discography from ) Eric 20:29, 12 October 2007 (EDT)