Talk:Violin Sonata in B-flat major, K.10 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)

Notes to the edition by Brian Cohn


The eight year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart received a comission on these sonatas K.10-15, "Op.3", fromKing George III's consort Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818). Mozart was granted for these sonatas, which possibly where written before Mozart recieved rhe commission, 50 guineas.


As the basis of the my retypestting of these sonatas I´ve used the 1879 edtion by Breitkopf & Härtel. However, because is seems that most editions excludes the cello part, wich is a addition possibly made for the cello playing King himself, I had to use the Neue Mozart Ausgabe Edition from 1966 (Plath/Rehm) to include this part. I have only used dashed legato slures in cello part to mark that the part is taken from another editon and that it´s optional.

All wedges are replaces by regular stacctato dots as they are in the Breitkof&Härtel edtion.

Concerning the differences in the ranges of the flute and the violin: Since I am definitely not a professional musician myself, and don´t want to tamper with the music, I have left it up to the eventual performers to do whatever he or she wishes.

Sonata I in B major:

Movement 1: Mozart makes use, in this movement, of the so-called Alberti-bass, but in freer manner than was customary at that time.

Movement 2: The second theme of this movement, wich is in E major, retains its contour in the recapulation , but makes use of other notes and is written in a different octave. In this way Mozart has given it a stronger feeling of a finale.

Movement 3: Two minuets with a da capo of the first.