The First Part of Ayres, French, Pollish and Others (Hume, Tobias)




MP3 file (audio)
Dr. Phillip W. Serna (2012/8/16)

MP3 file (audio)
Dr. Phillip W. Serna (2012/8/16)

MP3 file (audio)
Dr. Phillip W. Serna (2012/8/16)

Performer Pages Phillip Serna (Viola da Gamba)
Publisher Info. Phillip W. Serna
Misc. Notes Performed May 13, 2008 by Dr. Phillip W. Serna. Based in the Chicago area, Dr. Serna works to bring the early western string instrument family known as the viola da gamba into many area schools – demonstrating solo literature from the Renaissance, Baroque and early Classical periods for treble viol, tenor viol, bass viol & violone. For more information, visit here and here.
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Sheet Music


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Céladon (2010/8/1)

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Feduol (2016/2/21)

Editor First edition
Publisher. Info. London: John Windet, 1605.
Misc. Notes RISM A/I: H 7885
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General Information

Work Title The First Part of Ayres, French, Pollish and others
Alternative. Title Captaine Humes Musicall Humors ; The First Part of Ayres, French, Pollish, and others together, some in Tabliture, and some in Pricke-Song: With Pauines, Galliards, and Almaines for the Viole De Gambo alone, and other Musicall Conceites for two Base Viols, expressing fiue parts, with pleasant reports one from the other, and for two Leero Viols, and also for the Leero Uiole with two Treble Uioles, or two with one Treble. Lastly for the Leero Viole to play alone, and some Songes to bee sung to the Viole, with the Lute, or better with the Uiole alone. Also an Inuention for two to play vpon one Viole.
Composer Hume, Tobias
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. ITH 2
First Publication. 1605
Language English
Dedication Lord William, Earl of Pembroke, Lord Herbert of Cardiff, Lord Par and Rosse of Kendal, Lord Marmion and S. Quintin, Lord Warden of the Stannaries, and Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter.
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Renaissance
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation 1-3 viols ; voice, viol (or lute)

Misc. Comments


  1. The Souldiers Song
  2. The Earle of Pembrookes Galliard
  3. Tobacco
  4. A Souldiers March
  5. The Spirit of Gambo
  6. My Mistresse Familiar
  7. The Duke of Holstones Almaine
  8. My hope is decayed
  9. Adue sweete Loue
  10. Be merry a day will come
  11. Harke, harke
  12. A Souldiers Resolution
  13. Death
  14. Life
  15. Good againe
  16. A Pollish ayre
  17. A Pollish Vilanell
  18. A Pollish ayre
  19. A Pollish ayre
  20. A Pollish ayre
  21. A Pollish Vilanel
  22. Tom and Mistresse Fine
  23. Tinckeldum twinckeldum
  24. Peters pleasure
  25. The second part
  26. A Question
  27. An answere
  28. The new Cut
  29. Now I come
  30. Sir Humphrey
  31. A merry conceit
  32. My Mistresse hath a prettie thing
  33. She loues it well
  34. Hit it in the middle
  35. Tickell, tickell
  36. Rosamond
  37. I am falling
  38. Tickle me quickly
  39. Touch me lightly
  40. Duke Iohn of Polland his Galliard
  41. A Carelesse humor
  42. An English Frenchman
  43. A Pauin
  44. A humorous pauin
  45. A Pauin
  46. A Pauin
  47. Captaine Humes Pauin
  48. Loues farewell
  49. A Souldiers Galliard
  50. Loues Galliard
  51. Captaine Humes Galliard
  52. A Preludium
  53. A Toy
  54. Maister Crasse his Almaine
  55. A merry meeting
  56. A toy for a Gallant
  57. The second part
  58. The third part
  59. My Mistresse Maske
  60. The Caueleiroes humor
  61. The second part
  62. A French ayre
  63. The ala mod du' france
  64. A French Igge
  65. A toy
  66. Ha couragie
  67. A Souldiers Maske
  68. The new Knightes humor
  69. The Lord Beccus Almaine
  70. Captaine Humes Almaine
  71. 5 Galliards
  72. My Mistress Almayne
  73. Loues Almaine
  74. A Galliard
  75. A Meditation
  76. A Freemans Song
  77. I am glad she is come
  78. The second part
  79. Giue you good morrowe Madam
  80. An Almayne
  81. The spirit of the Almaine
  82. A Pollish Iigge
  83. Mistresse Tittles Iigge
  84. A Iigge
  85. A Iigge
  86. A Iigge
  87. A Iige
  88. A wanton humor
  89. The second part
  90. My Mistresse humor when she hath
  91. The second part
  92. Beccus an Hungarian Lord his delight
  93. The second part
  94. My Mistresse little thing
  95. Tittell in
  96. The Duke of Holstones delight
  97. Touch me sweetely
  98. The second part
  99. Loues passion
  100. Loues pastime
  101. A snatch and away
  102. This sporte is ended
  103. I am melancholy
  104. The Spirit of Musicke
  105. Deepe thoughtes reuiued
  106. A Iigge for Ladies
  107. The second part of Rosamond
  108. The Princes Almaine
  109. Faine would I change that note
  110. What greater griefe
  111. Alas poore men
  112. Captaine Humes Lamentation
  113. The olde humor