The Art of Octave Playing, 50 Progressive Studies for the Piano (Pintér, Andor)

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Sheet Music


PDF scanned by Unknown
Carl Olaf Figen... (2019/7/9)

Editor Signund Herzog (1868-1932)
Andor Pintér
Publisher. Info. New York: Carl Fischer, 1914.
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General Information

Work Title The art of octave playing, fifty progressive studies for the piano, compiled, classified and edited by Signund Herzog and Andor Pintér
Alternative. Title
Composer Pintér, Andor
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IAP 1
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 50 studies:
  1. Karl Heinrich Döring: Moderato, Op.24 No.1 (C major)
  2. Karl Heinrich Döring: Moderato, Op.24 No.2 (C major)
  3. Louis Köhler: Moderato, Op.290 No.1 (C major)
  4. Louis Köhler: Moderato, Op.290 No.2 (D major)
  5. Cornelius Gurlitt: Allegro molto, Op.58 No.8 (D major)
  6. Louis Köhler: Moderato, Op.290 No.4 (C major)
  7. Louis Köhler: Alegretto vivace, Op.290 No.26 (C major)
  8. Joseph Christoph Kessler: Allegro maestoso (C major)
  9. Friedrich Burgmüller: Allegro, Op.105 No.5 (B major)
  10. Ernest Richard Kroeger: Allegro molto, Op.30 No.1 (C major)
  11. Carl Czerny: Allegro moderato, Op.553 No.1 (C major)
  12. Friedrich Burgmüller: Allegro non troppo, Op.105 No.9 (E major)
  13. Ferdinand Hiller: Allegretto grazioso, Op.15 No.5 (C major)
  14. Albert Biehl: Allegro, Op.144 No.1 (C major)
  15. Albert Biehl: Allegro, Op.144 No.3 (G major)
  16. Carl Czerny: Vivace, Op.740 No.49 (G major)
  17. Richard Kleinmichel: Allegretto con moto, Op.61 No.6 (C major)
  18. Karl Heinrich Döring: Molto vivace, Op.25 No.2 (A minor)
  19. Karl Heinrich Döring: Allegro moderato, Op.25 No.1 (C major)
  20. Ludvig Birkedal-Barfod: Molto allegro, Op.22 No.2 (B major)
  21. Jean Vogt: Con fuoco, Op.145 No.9 (E minor)
  22. Carl Czerny: Vivace, Op.740 No.38 (B major)
  23. Karl Heinrich Döring: Molto agitato, Op.25 No.7 (E minor)
  24. Karl Heinrich Döring: Allegro moderato, Op.24 No.15 (C major)
  25. Karl Heinrich Döring: Allegro moderato, Op.24 No.14 (C major)
  26. Carl Czerny: Molto allegro, Op.740 No.33 (A major)
  27. Bernhard Wolff: Allegro commodo, Op.106 No.3 (E major)
  28. Albert Biehl: Presto, Op.145 No.30 (C minor)
  29. Uso Seifert: Allegro moderato, Op.48 No.9 (F minor)
  30. Julius Handrock: Allegro moderato energico, Op.100 No.25 (C major)
  31. Karl Heinrich Döring: Moderato, Op.25 No.5 (F major)
  32. Karl Heinrich Döring: Allegro non troppo, Op.25 No.6 (C minor)
  33. Louis Köhler: Moderato, Op.290 No.16 (C major)
  34. Jean Vogt: Allegro, Op.145 No.15 (C major)
  35. Jean Vogt: Allegro, Op.145 No.16 (C major)
  36. Albert Biehl: Allegro risoluto, Op.154 No.12 (A minor)
  37. Jean Vogt: Allegro con fuoco, Op.145 No.12 (C major)
  38. Albert Loeschhorn: Larghetto, Op.179 No.5 (E major)
  39. Theodor Döhler: Andante semplice, Op.42 No.1 (C major)
  40. Theodor Döhler: Allegro agitato, Op.42 No.40 (D minor)
  41. Albert Biehl: Moderato assai, Op.144 No.10 (E minor)
  42. Louis Köhler: Moderato assai, Op.290 No.14 (C minor)
  43. Carl Czerny: Allegro vivo e scherzando, Op.335 No.33 (A major)
  44. Albert Biehl: Allegro moderato, Op.40 No.2 (G major)
  45. Bernhard Wolff: Allegro brillante, Op.106 No.10 (C major)
  46. Muzio Clementi: Gradus ad Parnassum. Veloce, Op.44 No.28 (E major)
  47. Aloys Schmitt: Moderato, Op.16 Book 2 No.14 (G major)
  48. Theodor Döhler: Allegro, Op.42 No.29 (B major)
  49. Eduard Pirkhert: Octaven-Etude. Vivace, Op.11 (B minor)
  50. Ernest Richard Kroeger: Allegro vivo, Op.30 No.6 (E major)
First Publication. 1914
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Early 20th century
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation piano