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Translation of the Week:

(January 12-25)

Public domain (paragraph 2)

Please also check for News items to translate.

The Translation of the Week project serves as a concerted effort to create and maintain the translations of all essential project pages into as many languages as possible.

Current coordinator: Leonard Vertighel


How to participate

Anyone can contribute at any time, as much or as little as they wish.


Basically, you can jump right in and start translating or updating the current "Translation of the Week" from the English to your language. If there is a designated translator or group of translators for your language (see the table at IMSLP:Internationalization#Languages), you may wish to coordinate with them in order to avoid duplicate efforts. For further details, see IMSLP:Internationalization.

You don't need to make a literal translation, so feel free to change the wording if it sounds better in the target language. The goal is to get the meaning across as clearly as possible. Please do not use automatic translators, as their output can sometimes be quite misleading.

You can put the code {{TotW}} on your user page to obtain an info box with the current Translation of the Week.

Suggesting upcoming translations

You can help us determine which are the most urgent pages to translate at the present moment. The goal is not to translate every last bit of the site, but to make it as usable as possible for people who don't understand enough English (for downloading as well as contributing files).

→ Add your suggestions to Upcoming Translations of the Week

Current Translation: Public domain - Paragraph 2: Editions of Public Domain Works (Jan. 12-25)

Existing translations are listed here. After you have worked on updating a translation, you can leave a note here to let other contributors know how far you progressed. Thanks for contributing!

Upcoming Translations of the Week

Pages listed here should not be undergoing major revision at the present moment. Please try to add the most urgent translations first.

Multiple short pages can be grouped into a single "Translation of the Week". Conversely, very long pages may need to be tackled in multiple takes.

  1. Main Page and IMSLP:Introduction to Contributing
  2. IMSLP:Creative Commons and Performance Restricted licenses (large)
  3. Category:Composers (via #iflang)
  4. Browse by composer time period
  5. IMSLP:Contributing scores
  6. IMSLP:Verifying copyright status
  7. MediaWiki:Uploadtext (only the box at the top) needs updating first
  8. ...

Past Translations of the Week

At the end of each weekly period, please add the expired translation of the week and the date to the list below. If some languages were not updated and appear to be very outdated, it may be advisable to temporarily change those pages into redirects to the English version.