I am a 24-years-old bulgarian Historical-Musicology-student at the University in Vienna, Austria. I am an ex-Conducting-student and I work now on Gustav Mahler. I would be glad, if we all can scan and upload here the rest of his (still missing) works, such as the first part of the original-version of "Das Klagende Lied" or all the 5 parts of the Deryck Cook-version of the 10. Symphony, the Piano Quartet, the rest of the missing symphonies (2., 3., 4.), his Schubert and Beethoven-String Quartet-transcriptions for string orchestra, the Shoenberg-transcription of "Das Lied von der Erde" etc. Surely, i would be very happy, if soon there are some Shostakovich-works too.

Hardware: Lexmark Series X1270