I was a music major in college and went on to other career options. I love music, and from time to time still play in groups. I have done a lot of teaching in my life, and still find time to teach a few students. I have been using notation software since 1992, and am a fan of well engraved music. I signed up here to take music that was handwritten, possibly hard to read engraved copies, or other issues, and re-engrave them for better viewing. My goal is never to replace music that has been uploaded, but just to attach a better copy for reading purposes.

I have used Finale since version 2.2 (early 90's), and have updated every time a new version comes out. I got into Sibelius in 1998 with version 1.2, and have updated every time until version 7.1.3 came out. At that point I stopped supporting AVID and Sibelius. I bought Dorico the day it was released, and have used it ever since as my primary tool for Engraving.

I am looking forward to adding to the community here on IMSLP.