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The '''International Music Score Library Project''' ('''IMSLP''') is a project for the creation of a virtual library of [[public domain]] [[sheet music|music scores]], based on the [[wiki]] principle. Since its launch on [[February 16]], [[2006]], more than 2,600 works by over 300 composers (as of April 2007) have been uploaded, making it one of the largest public domain music score collections on the web.<ref></ref> 

The library consist mainly of [[image scanner|scans]] of old musical editions out of [[copyright]]. In addition, it admits scores by contemporary composers who wish to share their music with the world by releasing it under a free license like [[Creative Commons]]. One of the main projects of IMSLP (almost completed as of April 2007) is the sorting and uploading of the complete works of [[Johann Sebastian Bach]] in the [[Bach Gesellschaft|Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe]] (1851-1899).<ref></ref>

IMSLP is officially recommended by the [[Massachusetts Institute of Technology|MIT]],<ref></ref> which also uses it extensively in some of its [[MIT OpenCourseWare|OpenCourseWare]] courses.<ref></ref> It is suggested as a resource by university libraries at [[Manhattan School of Music]]<ref></ref>, [[Stanford University]]<ref></ref>, [[McGill University]]<ref></ref>, [[Brown University]]<ref></ref>, [[University of Maryland]]<ref></ref>, [[University of New Mexico]]<ref></ref>, [[University of Washington]]<ref></ref>, [[University of Wisconsin]]<ref></ref>, [[California Institute of the Arts]]<ref></ref>, and several others, and it has been submitted to [[MERLOT online community|MERLOT]] by a member professor.<ref></ref>

== Similar projects ==
* [[Mutopia project]]: focused on retypeset scores. The files are thus in general higher quality and editable, but the library is much smaller.
* [[Choral Public Domain Library]]: focused on choral and vocal music.
* [[Werner Icking Music Archive]]: contains mainly [[early music]].

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