Jon O'Bergh has released 14 albums in a variety of styles, including "Carta," which reached #1 on the NAV chart. His latest album, "Butter Avenue," is a rich blend of jazz, pop, impressionism, and neo-modern piano that evokes spring’s vibrant tapestry of color. Reflecting both urban and pastoral scenes, the rhythms of life come alive in the album’s 12 tracks.He has recorded and toured with the jazz/funk fusion band Gemini Soul. He has written two groundbreaking books which link music and stories: "Song of Fire" and "A Book of Hauntings." "Elliptical: The Music of Meshell Ndegeocello," which he co-authored with Andre Akinyele, is the first ever comprehensive look inside the music of this Multi-Grammy Nominated recording artist. O'Bergh holds a Bachelor's degree in music from the University of California at Irvine.