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Internacional Cellist Composer : Guillermo Felipe Espinosa Trejo


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Estudié en Escuela Libre de Musica de 2002 a 2011, en la especialidad de Violoncello.

Your graduation:

Estudié de 2010 a la actualidad con Vardges Melik-Stepanian alumno de Mstislav Rostropóvich.

Your Honors

Distincion como Violoncello principal en la Orquesta Filarmónica Juvenil de la Cuidad de México de 2009 a 2012 Participacion en encuentros nacionales de Orquestas Juveniles 2010 en Sala Blas Galindo Del Centro Nacional de las Artes y en 2012 en BUAP y Encuentro Internacional orquestas Metepec 2013

As composer:

Autor del Himno a Naucalpan 2014 Participacion como musico del Grupo de Canto e interpretación UNAM 2013 y 2014

Your Works on Media CD :

Discografia: Umbral Sinfónico (2009) Trotamundos (2009) Loli Rock (2010) Chikara (2012) Myths for a bard (2013) El fin del Hombre (2013) Paganini of our time (2014).

Media TV:

Participacion como musico invitado en Television: Televisa 2009, Telehit 2010

Judeg and solist on Internacional Conquest For World peace on Media Facebook: Participacion como Solista en Violoncello y Jurado del concurso internacional por la Paz Mundial (Facebook 2014)

Conquest por la paz

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Project Iluminatti

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Personal pageCello concert -Saint- Saens -Pratices

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El Brujo - Fantasia Flamenca For Cello and Guitarr By Guillermo Felipe Espinosa Trejo

Content from category page Paulo Cesar Maia de Aguiar:

More about Paulo Cesar Maia de Aguiar Full name:Paulo Cesar Maia de Aguiar.

He was born in November 10, 1970 No, in Rio de Janeiro province of Rio de Janeiro Studied piano at Rio De Janeiro Brazilian Conservatory between 1985- 1993 (Middle school in music) belatedly, there was interest on the part of him give towards to their studies as the pianist began his studies at Province January of Rio de Janeiro with the guidance Katia Demarco Souza in date: 1985 -1990- Piano Teacher ee Bachelor and Master Piano In the same (CEU CBM- - BR)

As career as a pianist began his studies, and in Brazil in 1994 and a BA Degree. Had as master Benito Taranto, Brazilian-pianist Professor of Bachelors and Masters in Piano and Rector of federal Universade of Viçosa MG BR Piano and regency to Chorus- CBM-CEU Rj-RJ, Brazil and Patricia Glatz Piano Teacher by UF RJ - RJ-Brazil and Maria Luiza Prioli (CBM- CEU-BR) in musicology and musical analysis and musical perception.

In 1995 as the bachelor's degree in composition was chosen to join If the Composition Course UERJ (RJ), complete it this 1999. And so the master composition Had the Brazilian currently living me Curitiba - Parana - Brazil, Mr. Lamott Harry Crowl, Jr(studied informally in 1999 with: Courses in composition 1993- 1994, offered by Cultural Foundation Pro-musica Juiz de Fora Colonial Music Festival and Brazilian early), Complete these course .On this present (2014) moment is to prepare one tesi in Musical trends, Anthropological study of the same in times of globalization and WEB democratization, with focu on independent musicians and composers not yet recognized, that this study will make in 3 years the conclusion, ( no previus this to publish this after aproved by Scholars) as demand in the emergence and discovery of self and the growth for these sites, as the non-relevance of plumb in media scholars that is in focus in tesi, natural Called the art: self-taught.


The First World Contest in the History of Social Networks and for Peace : By Carlo Mariá Ortiz



Reward : Dialoque and Peace

Performer :Carlo Monticelli Cuggió:

Composer :Paulo Cesar Maia de Aguiar

Peformer: Carlo Monticelli Cuggio


Paulo Cesar Maia de Aguiar

“For Peace in the World” for Cello and Piano My database :

Honor: Glasswords -Homenages

Tribute to (homenage) : PHILIP GLASS (U.S. A)

a unique concert



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Composer : Paulo Cesar Maia de Aguiar - Brazil

Piece :In the light of paradise musicianship master of Glass



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