User:Schnittkease/List of works by Charles Ives

The table below gives the following information (where applicable):

  • Opus — opus numbers.
  • Title — as used on IMSLP.
  • Instrumentation — the instrumentation used.
  • Key — as Milhaud did not use conventional key signatures, beginning and ending key and tonal centers are listed.
  • Date — the year(s) of composition, where known.
  • Genre — as used by IMSLP's categorization system.
  • Notes — concerning related works, completeness, authorship, etc.
S. Title Instrumentation Key Date Genre Notes
001 Symphony No.1 orch D minor 1895-1901 ca. symphonies based on Beulah Land by John R. Sweney, The Shining Shore by George Frederick Root, Symphony No.9 by Dvořák, Symphony No.6 by Tchaikovsky ;
possibly based on S.318, 581 ;
see also S.2, 122
002 Symphony No.2 orch 1898-1902, rev. 1907-1909 ca. ; 1950 ca. symphonies based on Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean by Thomas à Becket Sr., Massa's in de Cold Ground by Stephen Foster, Nettleton; Pigtown Fling (Anonymous), Sinfonia in F minor by Bach, Symphony No.1 by Brahms; S.1 (rejected 2nd movement), X639, X645, X664, X700, X704 ;
see also S.21, 105, X641