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Dear 77liszt!
We're sorry to have deleted your upload, but your score was not submitted properly. Please do not use the "upload file" link in the left sidebar to upload scores! If you upload scores like this, no one will be able to use your submission! Please read the quick guide to learn how to correctly submit scores. A longer explanation on this can be found in the manual. More details and other ways to use the site can be found at the Contributor Portal.
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KGill talk email 23:45, 22 May 2011 (UTC)

In addition, the file you uploaded is under copyright in most of the world, since Brian died less than 50 years ago - you may wish to read this page for more information on that. Thanks, KGill talk email 23:45, 22 May 2011 (UTC)

Gothic Symphony

Hi 77liszt. As mentioned above, this work is under copyright in virtually the entire world and therefore had to be deleted. You may wish to read this page for more information on copyright law as it applies to IMSLP. Thanks, KGill talk email 00:25, 2 June 2011 (UTC)

Hi 77liszt, the only works of Havergal Brian that are in the public domain – in a strictly limited sense – are those works published before 1923, and more importantly, they are only public domain works in the United States: everywhere else they will remain under copyright for another decade or three. In short, you shouldn’t be doing this if you’re based anywhere else on the globe.
Moreover, Brian’s music cannot be uploaded to IMSLP directly in any case, since it’s based on Canadian law (there is a separate US affiliate called which is actually responsible for hosting the three Brian pieces referred to here). You would need to follow the separate procedure to upload files to that server.
The Gothic was published in 1932, so apart from uploading it to the different website, you would also need to demonstrate the lack of a US copyright renewal, which is the only remaining possibility of this work not being copyrighted until 2028 in the US.
If you wanted to do a service for US admirers of Brian’s music, I’d suggest looking at the talk page and the worklist page, each of which details which pre-1923 works of Brian’s large œuvre would be permissible uploads to the US server (the work number is bolded if so). There’s numerous vocal and orchestral works in this category, even if none of the 32 symphonies or 5 operas appears to be amongst them. Regards, Philip @ © talk 05:47, 2 June 2011 (UTC)