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Mohammed Amin Ezzat C.V

                         Born in Baghdad, 2 \ 5 \ 1961
      He holds a master's degree in music composition and a certificate of specialization in the leadership of the orchestra under the supervision of Maestro (Joseph Kunta) from the University (ceprian Porumbescu) of Romania 1985 and the same year took part in the Festival of young leaders (Poshten - Romania) and won a certificate of Evaluative qualify to work as a leader of the orchestra, where reported The Iraqi News Agency at the time of graduation of the first commander of the Iraqi Arab Orchestra of Romania, the same year led the Symphony Orchestra of Radio and Television of Romania.
In 1989 was appointed commander of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra is the first leader of Iraq after the Symphony Orchestra under foreign command since its inception after the departure of all foreign players continued to work with the orchestra Bkadraraki only to the present day.

In 2001 he was granted a certificate of appreciation for the creativity and the title of Commander, the first of the Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture, Media and Mroroktrmen ten years of continuous work with the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra. During his career as leader of the orchestra, led many of the works of the symphonic variety, starting from the Acts (Baroque - Classic - Romantek - Modern - Jazz Classic). He has hundreds of contributions and concerts (Iraqi - Oraybeh - Global) during his career as a leader and composer documented certificates discretion and folders and Alsouroalfdiowallqaouat press in the visual media world, including Arabic, such as (60 Mints - NY Time-Fox-DailyNews-The Washinqton post-Style) ( Radio Montecarlo French - BBC Radio English. MBC Arabic program (Arabic), with very Khoury) and others. In 1998 participated in the festival (Vidov) and the International Festival of the Nile in Cairo composer and was awarded a certificate of merit. In 2002, was a guest on the German federal government through the Foundation (Gute courses participating in the leadership of the orchestra with Ochehrkadp Symphony Orchestra and the difference in the prestigious German (Berlin - Munich - Bonn - Frankfurt) and received a certificate of appreciation from the Gute fondation. In 2003 he led the National Symphony Orchestra in the U.S. Kennedy Center (Washington DC) accompanied by the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra with conductor George (Leonardo Slatkn) In 2004 he led the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra in a concert in Dubai at the invitation of Sultan Al Owais. In 2005 led the Symphony Orchestra of the Royal Jordanian accompanied by the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra with conductor (Mohammad Osman) in the Jerash Festival International In musical composition that has many of the works of musical theater, opera and music for the opening of festivals like big festival (Babylon - Baghdad) and other works for orchestra Symphony (such as a vision of the heritage - the old days of the machine (Oud with Orchestra) - Jinan Requiem for machine jellies, stringed instruments, which played in New York, 2009, and was considered the first project to bring Iraqi music by a composer in the history of Iraq neighborhood of America. Member of the Artists Association 1985 - Member of the National Commission for UNESCO of Music (1996) Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Orchestra Material Command (1987) Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs and supervisor (Music and Ballet School - Institute of Musical Studies (1989) Chairman of the Technical Committee of orchestral works.



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