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Hi Df. In fact I didnt't blocked the file: I just started to clarify the submission on several points (editor's name, type of licence). The file is blocked just because it is not copyright reviewed yet. This will be reviewed soon, but maybe not the way you expected: (i) the file as been submitted as "public domain", this is certainely incorrect and should be replaced by a "Creative Commons and Performance Restricted license". Contrary to a common idea, these are not the same. (ii) I agree that Praetorius is PD (!) but André Van Ryckeghem is still alive, and the less we can do in these cases is trying to contact the editor to get the permission to redistribute is work before wondering wether is editorial work is significant or not. In that case, it is as easy as sending a mail to (and it is more polite). Usually, they are glad to give their permission (see for example Last point: WIMA (from which the file as been taken) is usually reluctant to mirroring. Cheers. Matthieu

Thanks, that's very interesting. As you can see, I didn't upload the file or submit the PD description to IMSLP; I just happened to have a copy of that file and knew that it had a typesetter credit. Thank you for pursuing the details.--Df 18:38, 17 July 2008 (EDT)