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Hello H2o

Thank you very much for cleaning the Stumpf and Lorenziti viola pieces which I uploaded from BNF. With a little enlargement they are now practically usable scores.

If you have time you might like to clean Herzogenberg Legenden for va and piano which comes from ThULB. When scores of this era (1880s) are cleaned they are very usable, as you can see from the Richard Hofmann viola studies examples, which were kindly cleaned by Carmar1791.

Thanks and best wishes, WilliamBunting

   Thank you for your submissins.
   You found pieces I have never noticed.
   When I'll have time I'll clean it (in few days).
   I can't find from where you downloaded that file.
   Can you give me the exact link?
   It's more difficoult to clean your already worked pdf file than the original....

    It was downloaded from BNF. But be aware that I'm in the process of convert and re-download some Stamitz sinfonias concertantes, because
    noticed the lack of quality in downloadable BNF scans, which keeps plummeting from some 
    time on and between digitization batches, and those Stamitz last scans are really awful. If it's of some use to you, 
    I devised, kindly prompted by the user Kalliwoda, a method to get very high quality scans from BNF (warning here 3-6MB per page!). 
    See my talk page for details ( Nachus001 ) 
    For the image processing I'm resorting to IrfanView. 
    It's orders of magnitude easier to use than Photoshop and free!!
    (see and has a batch processing mode easier 
    to use than photoshop. Cropping is easier also.
    Hope to have been useful.
    Cheers, Nachus001

  Sorry but I can't find it in BNF I found it in THULB and it's not easy to download.
  I have to find a way....
  In your talk page is described how to download from BNF, that's quite simple.
  May be there is the need of a script.
  I use scan tailor and gscan and gimp that are very professional.....I'm on unix..
  Hi: the link is
  Regards, Nachus

    Thank you very much!!!!There was a " qui pro quo" ....I was talking about Herzogenberg Legende...
    That is on TULB.....
    By the way thank you very much....

By the way, what's the URL of ThuLB digital collections? I reached there from the template, but that's
the root, and I have to dive thru many pages in german, which is difficult to me since my german is
from basic to non-existant. On line translators are of no help either.
Cheers, Nachus

  Thank you Nachus!
  I have already found and done all.
  I's all well explained on WilliamBunting discussion page.
  By the way the url where you can find digital score is this:
  Thank you again

Hello Nachus001 and H2O

Many thanks for your perseverance with ThULB and Gallica. They have many undiscovered gems which unfortunately need a lot of mud washing off in a digital stream. Frankly I've tried to do a few scores myself, but not really got very far, in spite of a lot a patient advice from Kalliwoda and two or three other mac-using experts. I'm glad you guys have the motivation and computer skills to get practically useful results.

So let's hope we can co-operate to build up a useful library of unknown works which will bring satisfaction to amateur players around the world. My contribution can be mainly finding things, because I have a smattering of a few languages. Then having uploaded a score appealing to a certain group of users - e.g. clarinet players or violin and viola duo players, I hope someone will adopt a score and clean it up for all to enjoy.

It seems that for libraries local pride is a great spur to digitizing collections, so I think we can be optimistic about the future. The libraries in St Petersburg, London, Berlin and Italy - who knows about the old "Eastern Europe" too- are, in spite of the destruction of the 1940s, bursting with local delicacies which could enrich the lives of us and our children for a long time to come.

In a word, thanks, well done, and keep up the good work!

Regards, WB

 Thank you for your submissions.
 Usually I clean all pieces I'm interested on.
 All new pieces are wellcome.
 Thank you