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WIMA uploading

Hi Hapebe. Two things:

  • It would be great to sign up at the project page to make it easier for us to keep track of who is supposed to be uploading what. There is also a queue that is helpful for organization.
  • Your submission was not completed (i.e., it was orphaned), most likely because you did not fill out the 'Signature' field that comes up after you press the 'Submit' button. You'll know if this is done correctly because a page with 'Success' will come up. :-)

Cheers, KGill talk email 00:17, 31 August 2011 (UTC)


Dear Hans, Kindly add pieces taken from larger works to their original page instead of creating superfluous pages for the single movement, or single song from a cycle. For example, the "Christkind" you uploaded goes on the page for Cornelius' Weihnachtslieder, Op.8, not on its own page. I've had to spend a lot of time redirecting the superfluous pages you created today. This could have been avoided if you had taken the time to look at the composer category pages and the lists of works which are often linked there. Thanks, Carolus 01:24, 23 November 2011 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)

Original Compositions

Hello again Hapebe, Your uploading skills are improving much. On new compositions, it is commonly assumed that the composer is the editor (herausgaber), so leave the "editor" field blank for your own works. It is much more important that you place your name into the "Publisher Info" (verlager) field, as making works available at IMSLP meets the legal definition of "publication" in most countries. As there do not seem to be enough character spaces in our file template to accommodate your your and the automated upload date, type in "composer" (or "editor" or "arranger") in the Uploader field. Thanks, Carolus 06:57, 26 November 2011 (UTC)

Editor and Publisher field

Please leave blank when uploading a work for a living composer or a recent composer from WIMA. Also, use the composer's full name in the publisher field as this helps with agencies like ASCAP, PRS, GEMA, etc. Thanks, Carolus 05:14, 6 December 2011 (UTC)