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Paulo Cesar Maia de Aguiar Compositor Brasileiro .Residente em Juiz de fora (MG).Suas composições figuram nos mais diversos âmbitos e construções e configurações para instrumento.Chamber music , peças solo e para coro e solistas e peças sinfônicas.

Paul Cesar Maia de Aguiar. Brazilian Composer .I am residing in Juiz de fora (MG) . My compositions circulate in more several extents and constructions and configurations for instrument. Chamber music, sole pieces and for chorus and soloists and symphonic music

Hi Pcma, and thanks for contributing! One or two things: Please do not create multiple pages for each part of a work, as you did with your Preludes - please just use one page for the entire set. Also, due to regulations in some countries it is impossible for a new composition to be injected into the public domain, and because of this IMSLP requires that you license everything under Creative Commons. I've already changed this for the works you uploaded; please do so in the future. Thanks! KGill talk email 20:28, 13 July 2010 (UTC)