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      <cm pageid="1464" ns="14" title="Category:Anonymous" />
      <cm pageid="297344" ns="14" title="Category:Collections" />
      <cm pageid="276144" ns="14" title="Category:Traditional" />
      <cm pageid="6769" ns="14" title="Category:Various" />
      <cm pageid="81018" ns="14" title="Category:A., Jag" />
      <cm pageid="485141" ns="14" title="Category:Aadler, C. A." />
      <cm pageid="291633" ns="14" title="Category:Aagesen, Truid" />
      <cm pageid="620191" ns="14" title="Category:Aaron, Michael" />
      <cm pageid="401127" ns="14" title="Category:Aarons, Alfred E." />
      <cm pageid="479085" ns="14" title="Category:Abadie, Louis" />
      <cm pageid="134760" ns="14" title="Category:Abbatini, Antonio Maria" />
      <cm pageid="322063" ns="14" title="Category:Abbey, Alonzo Judson" />
      <cm pageid="43982" ns="14" title="Category:Abbiate, Louis" />
      <cm pageid="485149" ns="14" title="Category:Abbot, Asahel" />
      <cm pageid="485498" ns="14" title="Category:Abbot, John M." />
      <cm pageid="485541" ns="14" title="Category:Abbott, C. D." />
      <cm pageid="485594" ns="14" title="Category:Abbott, J. R." />
      <cm pageid="667691" ns="14" title="Category:Abbott, Jane Bingham" />
      <cm pageid="215792" ns="14" title="Category:Abbott, Simon Alexander" />
      <cm pageid="473973" ns="14" title="Category:Abdey, Alfred William" />
      <cm pageid="703918" ns="14" title="Category:Abe, Sakari" />
      <cm pageid="353519" ns="14" title="Category:Abeelen, Henri van den" />
      <cm pageid="836968" ns="14" title="Category:Abeille, Ludwig" />
      <cm pageid="29917" ns="14" title="Category:Abel, Carl Friedrich" />
      <cm pageid="614761" ns="14" title="Category:Abel, Clamor Heinrich" />
      <cm pageid="485967" ns="14" title="Category:Abel, Frederic" />
      <cm pageid="243033" ns="14" title="Category:Abel, Ludwig" />
      <cm pageid="129320" ns="14" title="Category:Abela, Placido" />
      <cm pageid="94777" ns="14" title="Category:Abelardo, Nicanor" />
      <cm pageid="822114" ns="14" title="Category:Abelardus, Petrus" />
      <cm pageid="452890" ns="14" title="Category:Abell, John" />
      <cm pageid="66152" ns="14" title="Category:Abert, Johann Joseph" />
      <cm pageid="195075" ns="14" title="Category:Abesser, Edmund" />
      <cm pageid="486382" ns="14" title="Category:Abig, Adolphé" />
      <cm pageid="76658" ns="14" title="Category:Abing" />
      <cm pageid="486715" ns="14" title="Category:Ablamowicz, Anna M." />
      <cm pageid="604922" ns="14" title="Category:Abondante, Giulio" />
      <cm pageid="174763" ns="14" title="Category:Abos, Girolamo" />
      <cm pageid="235426" ns="14" title="Category:Aboyan, Gayk" />
      <cm pageid="353524" ns="14" title="Category:Abrahams, V." />
      <cm pageid="586841" ns="14" title="Category:Abramowitsch, A." />
      <cm pageid="641830" ns="14" title="Category:Abrams, Harriett" />
      <cm pageid="216797" ns="14" title="Category:Abramson, Joshua M." />
      <cm pageid="782166" ns="14" title="Category:Abranches, Dunshee de" />
      <cm pageid="791131" ns="14" title="Category:Abreu, Antonio" />
      <cm pageid="409888" ns="14" title="Category:Abreu, Pedro Miguel" />
      <cm pageid="353527" ns="14" title="Category:Abreu, Zequinha" />
      <cm pageid="70692" ns="14" title="Category:Abril Tirado, Pedro" />
      <cm pageid="70411" ns="14" title="Category:Abt, Franz" />
      <cm pageid="556856" ns="14" title="Category:Accademico Bizzarro Capriccioso" />
      <cm pageid="13075" ns="14" title="Category:Accolay, Jean-Baptiste" />
      <cm pageid="694670" ns="14" title="Category:Accordi, Pietro" />
      <cm pageid="448333" ns="14" title="Category:Aceves y Lozano, Rafael" />
      <cm pageid="752655" ns="14" title="Category:Achard, Marguerite" />
      <cm pageid="744719" ns="14" title="Category:Achron, Isidor" />
      <cm pageid="72601" ns="14" title="Category:Achron, Joseph" />
      <cm pageid="300857" ns="14" title="Category:Ackerman, Daryle Stephen" />
      <cm pageid="485393" ns="14" title="Category:Ackerman, Samuel" />
      <cm pageid="204102" ns="14" title="Category:Acosta, Paul d&#039;" />
      <cm pageid="688935" ns="14" title="Category:Acton, Carlo" />
      <cm pageid="353532" ns="14" title="Category:Adair, Mildred" />
      <cm pageid="353536" ns="14" title="Category:Adalid, Marcial del" />
      <cm pageid="522042" ns="14" title="Category:Adam" />
      <cm pageid="572136" ns="14" title="Category:Adam von Fulda" />
      <cm pageid="70415" ns="14" title="Category:Adam, Adolphe" />
      <cm pageid="660756" ns="14" title="Category:Adam, Alexandre" />
      <cm pageid="518437" ns="14" title="Category:Adam, Carl Ferdinand" />
      <cm pageid="226927" ns="14" title="Category:Adam, Johann" />
      <cm pageid="385792" ns="14" title="Category:Adam, Louis" />
      <cm pageid="488194" ns="14" title="Category:Adam, Rudolfus" />
      <cm pageid="470624" ns="14" title="Category:Adamič, Emil" />
      <cm pageid="254550" ns="14" title="Category:Adams I, Thomas" />
      <cm pageid="254552" ns="14" title="Category:Adams II, Thomas" />
      <cm pageid="585907" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, A. Emmett" />
      <cm pageid="442272" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, Abraham" />
      <cm pageid="332611" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, Arthur" />
      <cm pageid="353541" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, Clifford" />
      <cm pageid="183421" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, E. Franklin" />
      <cm pageid="332652" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, Ernest Harry" />
      <cm pageid="622359" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, Franklin Stewart" />
      <cm pageid="123944" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, G" />
      <cm pageid="353546" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, G. W." />
      <cm pageid="488424" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, J." />
      <cm pageid="488762" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, J. C." />
      <cm pageid="488765" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, J. Willard" />
      <cm pageid="488903" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, John Goldthwait" />
      <cm pageid="353549" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, Joseph H." />
      <cm pageid="123479" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, Mrs. Crosby" />
      <cm pageid="353553" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, O. S." />
      <cm pageid="353564" ns="14" title="Category:Adams, William P." />
      <cm pageid="353567" ns="14" title="Category:Adamson, G. M." />
      <cm pageid="483998" ns="14" title="Category:Adayevskaya, Ella" />
      <cm pageid="354635" ns="14" title="Category:Adcock, Mrs. St. John" />
      <cm pageid="838888" ns="14" title="Category:Adelburg, August" />
      <cm pageid="488927" ns="14" title="Category:Adelene" />
      <cm pageid="87441" ns="14" title="Category:Adgate, Andrew" />
      <cm pageid="644173" ns="14" title="Category:Adhémar, Abel d&#039;" />
      <cm pageid="117089" ns="14" title="Category:Adiego Navarro, Tomás" />
      <cm pageid="667431" ns="14" title="Category:Adigozalov, Vasif Zulfiqar" />
      <cm pageid="354650" ns="14" title="Category:Adlam, Frank" />
    <categorymembers cmcontinue="subcat|41444c45522c204245524e415244|177976" />