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Founded ca.1885 by Eugène Fromont. The publisher Georges Hartmann became associated with this firm after of the sale of his own catalog to Heugel in 1891. Claude Debussy's assocation with the Fromont firm was brought about by his friendship with Hartmann, whose death in 1900 resulted in the majority of Debussy's subsequent works going to Durand. Fromont was sold to Jean Jobert (also Éditions Jobert, founded in 1921 and still in existence) in 1922.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Eugène Fromont (ca.1885-ca.1900)
  • E. Fromont (ca.1885-1922)

Plate Numbers

Plate style: E. #### F.

Note: Publication dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
0301 Fanton, E. 12 Octaves, Op.36 1887
0465 Laurens Divertissement japonais, Op.27 (orch.sc.) 1890
0477 Auvray Celles qu'on aime, valses p. piano 1889
0602 Wiernsberger Tarentelle, Op.18 1890
0703 Clérice Serenata 1890
0763 Auvray Marche des Amazones (arr. piano) 1892
0787 Laurens Préludes, Op.29 1891
0791 Laurens A l'orée, Op.17 1892
0798 Laurens Polonaise, Op.18 1894
0799 Laurens Préludes, Op.22 1894
0882 Anthiome Soir d'été 1892
1076 Missa Allons dans les grands bois! (Duo) 1894
1091 Debussy Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (f.s.) 1895
1349 Auvray Fragoletta, mazurka 1896
1401 Debussy Ballade (reissue) 1903
1404 Debussy Suite bergamasque 1905
1415 Debussy Nocturnes (full score) 1900
1416 Debussy Pelléas et Mélisande (vocal score) 1902
1428 Debussy Nocturnes (Fêtes (No.2), For Piano solo (Borwick)) 1914
1532 Anthiome Piano Concerto in C minor, "1er morceau" (pf. part) 1898
1699 Blum, Nathan Roulez trottoirs, pour piano 1900
1704 Verginy Simple ariette, Op.28 1901
1737 Bock, H. Bocage, valse (pf4h) 1901
1754 Baudot Air à danser 1902
2991 Dallier Symphony No.1, Op.50 (f.s.) 1908

Authority control

  • VIAF (Fromont Editeur de musique)
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