F. Ries

Franz Ries (1846–1932) founder
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F. Ries of Dresden, founded by Franz Ries (1846–1932), operated from 1875 to 1881. It published serious works by Lachner, Reinecke, Raff, Wichmann, Thieriot, Huber, and the Ries family- Hubert (1802-1886) and Franz. In 1881 Ries joined forces with Hermann Erler, who had managed his own publishing house since 1873, producing many of Hubert Ries's works, to form Ries & Erler, which has survived to the present.

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F. Ries

Plate Numbers

F.#### R. plates:

Plate Composer Work Year
001 Grammann Melusine (opera), Op.24 (piano red.) 1875
107 Wichmann String Quartet, Op.40 1878
159 Huber Serenade, Op.55 1879
287 Lachner Piano Suite, Op.142
329 Reinecke Friedensfeier Fest-Ouverture, Op.105

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