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Speed deletion is the immediate deletion of a submission/file.


The following criteria are currently enabled to qualify for speedy deletion.

Criterion #1: Typesets with insufficient information

In order to qualify under this criterion, the following must be met:

  1. There is no indication about getting/having permission in the submission entry.
  2. There is no indication of copyright status in the file itself.
  3. The typesetter attributed (if any) is not the submitter him/herself. Please check on the user page of the submitter to make sure of this.
  4. The file is not from any of the known public domain retypeset sources: Mutopia and CPDL. Mutopia has a distinct engraving style which should be easily recognizable. WIMA typesets should be treated as non-public domain, which would also qualify under speedy deletion if there is no indication that permission is obtained. The only exception is when there is a group of WIMA submissions, in which case it may be easier just to e-mail the WIMA contributor and ask permission.
  5. There is not enough information given to find out the source by Googling (for the typesetter, for example). To satisfy this criterion, one only needs to briefly check the first two pages of the Google result.

Treatment of Submissions Qualifying for Speedy Deletion

The IMSLP Page Delete special page can be used if there are no other valid submissions on the work page (a link can also be found in the toolbox in the sidebar). Needless to say, do not use that special page if there are other valid submissions on the same work page; instead, manually delete the image.

The user should be alerted via the speedy deletion template ({{Speedy Deletion}}).

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