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Here you can post scores that you are (or will be) scanning or typesetting, to prevent redundancies.

  • Bassmajor
    • Otto Tiersch - "System und Methode der Harmonielehre" (1868, original print)
    • Otto Tiersch - "Kurze praktische Generalbass- Harmonie- und Modulationslehre" (1876, original print)
    • Otto Tiersch - "Kurzes praktisches Lehrbuch für Contrapunkt und Nachahmung" (1879, original print)
  • Generoso
    • Servais - Grand Fantaisie Op.6 for cello and piano
  • Goldberg988
    • Medtner: Complete Works
    • Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2 (Parts)
    • Scriabin: Symphony No. 1
  • Homerdundas
    • (various) - Contemporary French Recital Pieces for flute Vol.1 & 2 (publisher: International)
    • (various) - Menuets Celébres (publisher: Litolff)
    • Crusell - Quatuor Op.8 in D
    • Dunhill - Friendship's Garland - Suite of Five Miniatures Op.97
    • Loeffler - Two Rhapsodies
    • Mozart - Opera full score: Don Giovanni - Breitkopf
    • Roussel - Divertissement Op.6
    • Reinecke - Sextet Op.271
    • Stamitz - Symphonias Op.9 (typesetting)
    • Telemann - Sonate in Hmoll Tafelmusik I Nr.5
  • Horndude77
    • Handel - The Messiah (Schirmer 1912 vocal score + piano accomp.)
  • Peter
    • Mozart - Symphonies transcribed for piano four hands (idem)
    • Mozart - Piano Sonatas (19the century Peters edition by Köhler & Ruthardt)
    • Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue (one-piano version)
    • Ysaye - complete works available (2009)
  • SarekOfVulcan
    • R.B. Hall - approx 4 dozen part sets. If nothing else, I'll make sure I get The New Colonial March up. This will probably be a very slow project of mine...
  • Schissel
    • Several typesetting projects longterm. (for now extracting parts to a couple of string quartets only here in score.)
      • Benoit Hollander - 3 Characteristic pieces for string trio (2vn/va) op.12 (pub.1895) - was going to try to scan, but - parts too large for my new scanner, so - typesetting what I can during the month I have on interloan. Progressing quickly enough so far. (May still try to interloan some works sufficiently small but flexible- no bound piano parts (after all, these are library things. purchased items are different...)- to scan, though :) )
  • Sergio De Liso
    • Eco della Sicilia (50 Sicilian folk songs collected and notated by Francesco Paolo Frontini).
  • TenderHooligan
    • Rossini Tancredi Vocal Score (Ricordi, 1854)
    • Stephen Storace Siege of Belgrade VS.
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