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As of June 17, 2007, the IMSLP work page copyright auto-tagger is up and running. This page is intended as a manual on what exactly it does.



  • 20 June 2007
    • Feature: Now the tagger will distinguish between a publication date of >1923 and >1964 using the {{FilenotPD1964}} template.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which made the first section header not show up correctly in certain cases when the page is auto-tagged.
  • 19 June 2007
    • Feature: Allowed use of <!--noautotag--> on composer pages.
    • Bugfix: Also use the birth year of the composer in determining the copyright status of works in the US (thanks Carolus)
    • Bugfix: Fixed the auto-tagger aborting when |Died Year= is not found, which was not correct before (the tagger did not abort).

Determination of Dates

Death Year of Composer

The auto-tagger will attempt to find the date by searching for the |Died Year= string within the composer page. If |Died Year= is not found, the auto-tagger will abort. If |Died Year= is found, but is empty, it will be assumed that the composer is still alive.

Year of First Publication

The auto-tagger will attempt to locate |Year of First Publication=, and try to read as many numbers after it as possible, converting them to an integer, which will be taken as the year (ex. something like "18th century" will be interpreted as the year "18"). If |Year of First Publication= is blank, the auto-tagger will try to get the year from the |Year/Date of Composition= field. If that is also blank, the auto-tagger will assume the year 0 (zero).

Determination of Tags

Tags are determined using a two step process.

Step 1: Determining the Copyright Status in the 3 Main Areas

The three main areas are Canada, the US, and EU. Both Canada and EU should also represent (albeit crudely) many other countries, since they have copyright terms of life+50 and life+70 respectively. The status is determined as follows.


The work is not public domain if the composer died less than 50 years ago, or if the work was first published less than 50 years ago. Otherwise the work is public domain in Canada.


The work is not public domain if the year of first publication is later than 1922, or if the composer was born later than 1909 (this is not a technical requirement, but should work well in case there is no date of first publication specified). If the work was published before 1964, a special flag is set, which is used in conjunction with the {{FilenotPD1964}} template if the file is not public domain in Canada (see the second step below).

Otherwise the work is public domain in the US.


The work is not public domain if the composer died less than 70 years ago. Otherwise the work is public domain in the EU.

Step 2: Determining the Tag

The tag is determined by a combination of the three copyright statuses above.

  • If the work is not public domain in the EU only, use {{WorkNonPD-EU}}.
  • If the work is not public domain in the US only, use {{WorkNonPD-US}}.
  • If the work is not public domain in both the EU and US, use {{WorkNonPD-USandEU}}.
  • If the work is public domain in the US but not Canada (irrespective of its status in the EU), use {{Work1923}}.
  • If the work is not public domain in both the US and Canada, use {{WorknotPD}}. If the work was published before 1964, the {{WorknotPD1964}} template is used instead.

Manual Overriding

The auto-tagger will automatically abort if it finds that the page has been previously tagged using a work page tagging template. If you need to manually abort it, just add <!--noautotag--> to the (absolute, or it won't work) beginning of the page, and the auto-tagger will abort. This should only be used to work around the caveats listed below.

In both cases the page will be listed in the NoAutoTag category.

The <!--noautotag--> construct is also permitted on the composer page, and will abort processing of all the work pages under it. Please note that work pages with tagging aborted in this fashion will not show up under the NoAutoTag category. Functionality to (automatically) add the composer pages using this construct to a separate category will probably be implemented later on.


The information parsed from the composer pages will be cached for a maximum of 1 day, therefore any changes to a composer page may take up to one day before coming into effect for the auto-tagger. This may be fixed in the future.


The activation of the auto-tagger means that all the work pages of the modern living composers will be tagged either {{WorknotPD}} or {{Work1923}} (depending on whether the year of publication/composition is specified), even if permission is given. For now, this will have to be manually overrode using <!--noautotag-->. If anyone has a better idea for treating such work pages, please leave a message on Feldmahler's user talk page.

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