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Jean-Jerome Imbault (1753-1832) was known both as a virtuoso violinist and as a publisher in his lifetime. However, he was substantially less notable as a violinist.
Imbault only gradually entered the world of music publishing; at first he copublished prints with Sieber, the first in 1783. 1784 marked the beginning of separate Imbault prints. The firm issued cataloques between 1786 and 1803, and this makes enumerating their publications easy; in 1791 they issued a thematic catalogue. The taste of the publisher was notable; he published works of Haydn, Clementi, Viotti, Mozart, Boccherini, Cimarosa, and others. The firm was sold to P.H. Janet in 1812.


Imprints, Agencies, Addresses

  • rue et vis-à-vis le cloître Saint-Honoré, près le Palais royal, maison du chandelier (August 1783-May 1785)
    • Imprint with the publisher Sieber until October 1784
  • rue et vis-à-vis le cloître Saint-Honoré, no. 573 (December 1785-January 31, 1787)
  • rue Saint-Honoré, près de la rue des Poulies, no. 627 (May 1787-1794)
    • or: près de l'hôtel d'Aligre
    • or: entre l'hôtel d'Aligre et la rue des Poulies
  • rue Honoré, no. 200, entre la rue des Poulies et la maison d'Aligre (August 24, 1794-February 1799)
    • or: près la maison d'Aligre
    • or: près la rue des Poulies
    • or: rue Honoré no. 627 et 200 (only February 1797)
    • or: bien rue Honoré no. 200 entre celles de l'Arbre sec et des Poulies (only February 1797)
  • rue Honoré, no. 200, près la rue des Poulies et Péristyle du théâtre de l'Opéra-comique, rue Favart no. 461 (March 27 1799-November 1802)
  • rue Saint-Honoré, près celle des Poulies no. 200 et Péristyle du théâtre de l'Opéra-comique, rue Favart no. 461 (December 1802-February 1807)
    • or: de l'Opéra-buffa (used in 1803-1804)
  • rue Saint-Honoré no. 125, près celle des Poulies et Péristyle du théâtre de l'Opéra-comique, rue Favart no. 461 (March 1807-May 5, 1811)

Plate Numbers

Dates in parentheses are estimated dates.

Plate Composer Work Year
10 Piccinni Didon [1784]
64 Dussek 3 Grand Sonatas, Op.35  ?
127 Salieri Tarare [1789]
130 Devienne 6 Violin Sonatas [1789?]
215 Boccherini 6 String Trios, G.77-82 (Op.1) [1790?]
279 Boccherini 6 String Quartets, G.183-188 (Op.22) [1800?]
309 Wranitzky Sinfonie Périodique No.2 in C minor [1791]
311 Wranitzky Sinfonie Périodique No.3 in F major [1791?]
312 Wranitzky Sinfonie Périodique No.4 in A major [1791?]
461 Jadin Duo for Piano Four Hands [1796]
573 Hoffmeister 6 String Quartets, Op.7 (parts) [1785]
670 Janiewicz Violin Concerto No.4 in A major [1797]
687 Cherubini Médée [1798]
738 Cimarosa Il matrimonio segreto [1799]
752 Fuchs 3 Quartets for Horn and Strings, Op.31 [1799?]
759 Punto Horn Concerto No.11 [1799]
837 Davaux 3 String Quartets, Op.17 [1807]

Sources Consulted

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  2. Devriès, Anik and François Lesure, Dictionnaire des éditeurs de musique français. Vol. 1. Genève: Editions Minkoff, 1979, p. 85.

Authority control

VIAF (Imbault, Jean-Jérôme, 1753-1832)

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