List of works by Henri Marteau

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External Lists/Sources

  • Yale from Mitteilungen des Hauses Marteau in Lichtenberg, Tutzing: H. Schneider, c1984. p. 105-125.

To be consulted: Katalog der Henri-Marteau-Ausstellung der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek in München., also Tutzing: H. Schneider, 1984 (151 pp.)


  • Meister Schwalbe, Musical Comedy in 1 Act "in einem Aufzug Nach Th. Körner von R. Batka", Op.26 (published by Leipzig: Hartung, 1922 in German and Swedish, Swedish translation by Sven Nyblom) ("Edition Steingräber")


  • Symphony No.1 (premiered 1922, Dresden. Possibly the Sinfonia gloria naturae, Op.30 for large orchestra mentioned in 1980 Grove, but as the Yale list also dates it to 1922, this seems likely.)

Soloist and Orchestra

Chamber Music

  • String Quartet No.1, Op.5 in D major
  • String Quintet for 2 Violins, 2 Violas and Cello (ca.1900) (possibly WoO 2, Esquisse for String Quintet in D minor)
  • String Quartet No.2, Op.9 in D major (1905)
  • String Trio No.1 "in Form einer Suite" in D minor (Op.12) (Op.12 No.1) (1907)
  • String Trio, Op.12 in F minor for Violin, Viola and Cello (1907) (String Trio No.2)
  • Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet in C minor, Op.13 (1908)
  • String Quartet No.3, Op.17 in C major (1916, copyright 1921)
  • Sérénade for 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, Bass Clarinet and 2 Bassoons, Op.20 (1922)
  • Terzetto for Flute, Violin and Viola, Op.32 (pub.1924)
  • Partita for Flute and Viola, Op.42 No.2
  • Divertimento for Flute and Violin, Op.43 No.1 (or Op.42 No.1) (1931)
  • Suite for Flute and Viola (manuscript, 1932-7-30)
  • Chamber Symphony in F minor, Op.11


  • Berceuse for Violin and Piano, Op.1 (1902)
  • Berceuse for Violin and Piano, Op.2 No.1
  • Andantino for Violin and Piano, Op.2 No.3 (pub.1906 by Strassburg i/E Süddeutscher Musikverlag)
  • Cadenza for the Violin Concerto in D major, Op.77 by Johannes Brahms (1904) (WoO 1)
  • Études d'archet (Bowing Studies) for Violin with Violin Accompaniment, Op.14 (1910)
  • Études de gammes (Scale Studies) for Violin, Op.19 (1916)
  • 24 Caprices d'execution transcendante for Violin and Piano, Op.25 (1919)
  • Sonata Fantastica for Violin Solo, Op.35 (1926, published 1927)


  • Feuillet d'Album for Viola and Piano, Op.2 No.2 (pub.1906 by Strassburg i/E Süddeutscher Musikverlag)
  • Chaconne in C minor for Viola and Piano, Op.8 (1905)


  • Trois Compositions for Organ, Op.23 (1918) (published by Steingräber, 1919)
  1. Prelude & passacaglia
  2. Prelude & fugue
  3. Introduction & fugue méditative
  • Fantaisie for Organ and Violin, Op.27 (1910, not published until 1923)


  • 6 Mélodies, Voice and orchestra, Op.1 (1890)
  • Pater Noster for Bass and Organ, Op.4 No.1 (1890)
  • Ave Maria gratia plena for Voice, Violin, Harp (Piano) and Organ (Harmonium), Op.4 No.1? (Yale gives Op.4 No.2) (1895, published 1902 by Süddeutscher Musikverlag) (2 Chants réligieux, Op.4)
  • Lieder nach Texten von Heinrich Heine, Op.6 Nos.1-2, voice and piano (1895); also
  • Moisson! = Ernte! (SSSAAA chorus, orchestra) (1896), Op.6 No.1, and Coelum verum, SSAA chorus, orchestra (1896), Op.6 No.2
  • La voix de Jeanne d'Arc, Cantata for Soprano, Chorus and Orchestra, Op.6 No.3 (1896)
  • 8 Lieder for Voice and String Quartet, Op.10 (1905)
  • Gesänge, Men's chorus, Op.16
  • L'apparition de l'ombre de Samuel à Saul, Baritone Solo, orchestra, Op.21, 1917 (premiered 1929?)
  • Geistliche Gesänge, 3-part chorus or women's chorus, Op.22, ca.1920
  • 8 Songs with Piano, Op.28 (published 1923?)
  • Drei geistliche Gesänge (Three Sacred Songs) for Medium Voice and Organ, Op.29 (1921, published 1923 (Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1923), p.61))
  • Fünf Schilflieder von Nikolaus Lenau. Für Bariton mit Begleitung des Klaviers und Bratsche, Op.31. (published 1923?)
  • Drei Lieder (Three Songs) for Mixed Chorus, Op.33 (1924)
  • 2 Ballades for Voice and Piano, Op.34 (pub. 1924) (Das Grab am Busento (Platen); Die Blütenfee (Spitteler))
  • Gesang der Geister über den Wassern, Op.37, pub. 1927 by Simrock
  • Vater Unser, Soprano solo and Mixed Chorus, Op.38 (1926)