List of works by Joseph Merk

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Works with Opus number

  • Op.4 - Variations sur un thème de Dietrichstein for cello and piano or cello and string quartet (Hofmeister, ca.1826)
  • Op.5 - Cello Concerto in D major (B&H ca.1826?)
    • also Potpourri (Pietro Mechetti, 1829)
    • also Fantaisie pour le violoncelle avec accompt. de piano forte, à l'usage des amateurs (copy in microform at Boston Library. Richault, 1820s.)
  • Op.6 - Walses brillantes for cello and piano (Pietro Mechetti, 1829) (Walses HMB. More usual Valses at Dresden Library Catalog which registers a copy.)
  • Op.8 - Variations on an Original Theme in G for cello and orchestra (Pietro Mechetti, published 1832. Also published by Richault (probably 1833?))
  • Op.10 - Adagio and Rondo for Cello and Orchestra (or String Quartet or Piano) - Paris: Richault, 1833
  • Op.11 - 20 Etudes (Studies) for Cello (Dedicated to Schubert)
  • Op.12 - Adagio et Polonaise for Cello and Orchestra (Pietro Mechetti, 1835; also published by Richault in the same year)
    • also 2 Quintets for Cello and Strings (1835. copy of manuscript at Seitenstetten, according to RISM)
  • Op.13 - Aux Amateurs (series) no.1: Variations and Rondo for Cello and Piano in D (Pietro Mechetti, 1836)
  • Op.14 - Aux Amateurs no.3, Variations on an Original Theme in F (Mechetti, 1836)
  • Op.17 - Concertino for Cello in A Major (B&H, first? published 1837)
  • Op.18 - Variations sur un Air tirolien for cello and orchestra in G (1836, Meyer)
  • Op.19 - Divertissement on Hungarian Themes in D minor (cello with orchestra, quartet or piano) (1836, Meyer)
  • Op.20 - 6 Etudes for Cello
  • Op.21 - Introduction et variations sur un valse favorite de François Schubert : (Trauer-Walzer) : pour le violoncelle, avec accompagnement de l'orchestre ou de quatuor ou de pianoforte (Pietro Mechetti, 1838)
  • Op.22 - Aux Amateurs no.4, Divertissement in G minor for Cello and Piano (Pietro Mechetti, 1838)
  • Op.23 - Aux Amateurs no.5, Capriccio in A major (Pietro Mechetti, 1840)
  • Op.24 - Aux Amateurs no.6, Polonaise in F major (Pietro Mechetti, 1841)
  • Op.25 - Morceau de salon : Fantaisie sur des motifs favoris de l'opéra Il giuramento de X. Mercadante (Mechetti, 1841–42)
  • Op.26 - Fleurs d’Italie, first 4 Books?, for cello and piano (Pietro Mechetti, 1843–1846)
  • Op.27 - Humoreske (Pietro Mechetti, 1848)
  • Op.28 - Divertissement facile p. Vclle. av. Acc. de Pfte. (Glöggl, 1848)
  • Op.29 - Réminiscences de l’Opéra : Martha, de Fr. de Flotow. Fantaisie for Cello and Piano (Müller, 1848)
  • Op.30 - Aux Amateurs No.7, Capriccio (Pietro Mechetti, 1849)
  • Op.31 - Fleurs d’Italie, Book 5, for cello and piano (Pietro Mechetti, 1849)
  • Op.32 - Aux Amateurs No.8, Air suisse varié et Rondeau p. Vclle av. Pfte (Pietro Mechetti, 1853)
  • Op.33 - Morceau de Salon on motives from Lucia de Lammermoor, for 2 cellos and piano (Pietro Mechetti, 1853)
  • Op.34 - Aux Amateurs No.9, Introduction et Rondeau Original for cello and piano (Pietro Mechetti, 1853)
  • Op.35 - according to Hofmeisters Monatsberichte (poss. also according to Mechetti, publisher), Duo concertante, for 2 cellos and piano (actually by J. Stransky, his opus 20 according to a later correction.)
  • Op.36 - Fantaisie et Variations sur un Thème favori for Cello and Piano (Pietro Mechetti, 1853)
  • Op.37 - Air final (Ah! non giunge) de la Sonnambula, de Bellini, varié p. Vclle av. Pfte. (Mechetti, 1853)

without Opus number

  • Polonaise
  • 4 Books of Variations
  • Variations on a theme of Schubert
  • Variations sur un Thème favori p. Vclle av. Acc. de l’Orchestre (Mechetti, 1834)
  • Variations on a theme of Pierre Rode in G (Aux Amateurs, no.2) (Mechetti, 1836)


With Carl Gottlieb Reissiger

  • Introduction et Variations brillantes sur un Thème original for piano with violin or cello, Reissiger’s opus 162 (Pietro Mechetti, 1842)