Pietro Mechetti

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Pietro Mechetti (1777-1850)
cover 1846


The Mechetti company operated in Vienna from 1798, and gained prominence with first editions of works by Chopin, Mendelssohn, Nicolai, Schumann, Schubert, and Johann Strauss Junior, among others. The firm was sold to Diabelli in 1855.

Plate Numbers

Dates in brackets are estimated. Most plate numbers include the prefix: "P.M. No."

Plate Composer Work Year
0410 Giuliani Gran Pot-Pourri per due Chitarre [1816]
2029 Lachner Serenade for 4 Cellos, Op.29 (parts) 1829
2103 Thalberg Piano Concerto, Op.5 (2nd edition, pf.solo) 1839
2150 Limmer Cello Trio, Op.12 (parts) 1831
2450 Lanner Valse, Œuvre 85 [1834]
2472 Proch Piano Trio, Op.27 1834
2825 Lanner Hymens Feier-Klänge [1837]
2996 Blumenthal Caprice for Viola, Op.79 1838
3132 Schumann Humoreske, Op.20 1839
3288 Schumann Nachtstücke, Op.23 1840
3527 Spohr Symphony No.6, Op.116 (parts) 1842
3543 Nicolai La Settimana d’Amore. Die Liebeswoche. 1841
3546 Liszt Impromptu brillant sur des thèmes de Rossini et Spontini, S.150 (1841)
3596 Czerny Nocturne, Op.647 1843
3949 Henselt Frühlingslied, Op.15 (1st ed.) 1844
3971 Liszt Marche funèbre de Dom Sébastien de Donizetti, S.402 (first ed.) (1845)
4032 Taubert Capriccio No.2, Op.66 1846
4158 Nicolai In assumptione beatae mariae virginis, Op.38 [1847]
4166 Liszt Capriccio alla turca sur des motifs de Beethoven, S.388 1847
4206 Raff Am Rhein, Op.32 1847
4209 Czerny Sonata in the Style of Domenico Scarlatti, Op.788 1847
4255 Henselt Impromptu No.2, Op.17 1847
4259 Henselt Quatre Romances, Op.18 [1848]
4702 Dessauer Cello Sonata, Op.58 1853

Authority control

  • VIAF (Pietro Mechetti quondam Carlo (Firm))
  • VIAF (Pietro Mechetti sel. Witwe (Firm))
  • VIAF (Charles Mechetti et Neveu (Firm))
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