Souvenir de la Russie, Anh.4/6 (Brahms, Johannes)

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 1. Hymne Nationale Russe de Lvoff
#02522 - 0.56MB, 9 pp. -  7.6/10 2 4 6 8 10 (5- V/V/V - 2983x

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Jujimufu (2006/12/26)

 2. Chansonette de Titoff
#02523 - 0.41MB, 6 pp. -  0.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (0- V/V/V - 1678x

PDF scanned by Unknown
Jujimufu (2006/12/26)

 3. Romance de Warlamoff
#02525 - 0.42MB, 6 pp. -  3.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (2- V/V/V - 1911x

PDF scanned by Unknown
Jujimufu (2006/12/26)

 4. Le Rossignol, de A. Alabieff
#02524 - 0.28MB, 8 pp. -  4.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (3- V/V/V - 1766x

PDF scanned by Unknown
Jujimufu (2006/12/26)

 5. Chant Bohémien
#02526 - 0.32MB, 6 pp. -  7.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (2- V/V/V - 1496x

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Jujimufu (2006/12/26)

 6. Kosa; Chant Bohémien
#02527 - 0.45MB, 7 pp. -  8.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (3- V/V/V - 1380x

PDF scanned by Unknown
Jujimufu (2006/12/26)

Brahms - Souvenir de la Russie, Op.151 - No.1.pdf

First edition

Publisher Info.:

Hamburg: August Cranz, n.d.(1852?).


Public Domain [tag/del]

Misc. Notes:

Published under the pseudonym G. W. Marks


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General Information

Work Title Souvenir de la Russie
Alternative Title Transcriptions en forme de fantaisies sur des airs russes et bohémiens
Composer Brahms, Johannes
Opus/Catalogue Number Anh.4/6
Movements/Sections 6 arrangements
  1. Hymne Nationale Russe de Lvoff. Allegro maestoso (F major)
    after the anthem God Save the Tsar by Aleksey Lvov
  2. Chansonette de Titoff. Andante (A minor)
    after the song The Branch (Ветка) by Nikolai Alekseevich Titov
  3. Romance de Warlamoff. Con moto (A minor)
    after the song Don't You Wake Her at Dawn (На заре ты её не буди) by Aleksandr Varlamov
  4. Le Rossignol, de A. Alabieff (D minor)
    after the song The Nightingale by Aleksandr Alyabyev.
  5. Chant Bohémien. Allegro moderato (G major)
    after the Bohemian folksong There's a Big Village on the Road (Вот на пути село большое)
  6. Chant Bohémien ("Kosa"). Moderato (G major)
    after the Bohemian folksong The Plait (Коса)
Year/Date of Composition 1852?
First Publication 1852? (as Op.151 of the composer "G. W. Marks")
Average Duration 20 minutes
Composer Time Period Romantic
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation Piano (4 hands)

Misc. Comments

Note: These arrangements are now believed to have been misattributed to Brahms.

Fairly likely misattributed, and not too hard to see suggestive though not definite evidence- unless there's a reason not to, I'm removing this from the Brahms category altogether and just keeping it in the Marks cat. The "G.W. Marks" whose Op.151 these were also composed an Op.13 in 1831 and then on, fairly consistently in Op. no., through to Op.176 in the mid-1850s. This is easier to see if one searches for Marks in HMB-online- it's a sort of correlative stream, or something or other, though that could of course only prove publisher assignment of a pseudonymous name to various composers (someone else rather than Brahms pre-humously in 1831/32 for that Op.13, of course) rather than use of a name by one person- though I'm not positive they're all by the same publisher; need to recheck. - Schissel
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