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L. Mozart's original sleigh ride versus the arrangement by F. Th. Cursch-Bühren
see also the forum discussion (in German)

a) Original source: Leopold Mozart: "Musikalische Schlittenfahrt", Single existing manuscript: Fürst Thurn and Taxis court library, Regensburg, Germany, parts only, Signature Mozart 18
First modern edition: Kunzelmann, Zurich, editor Raimund Rügge, 1985

corresponds with Leopold Mozart's detailed description in his letter of 12-29-1755.
His sleigh ride consists of 12 numbers:
01 Intrada (74 bars)
02 Schlittenfahrt (82 bars)
03 Das schüttlende (!) Pferd (15 bars)
04 Aufzug (20 bars)
05 Allegro (28 bars)
06 Das vor Kälte zitternde und schnatternde Frauenzimmer (21 bars)
07 Menuet/Trio (52 bars)
08 Deutscher Tanz 1 (17 bars)
09 Kehraus (25 bars, seconda volta separated count)
10 Pianissimo (18 bars)
11 Deutscher Tanz 2 (16 bars)
12 Kehraus (24 bars, usual counting)

Instrumentation: 2 Oboi 2 Fagotti 2 Corni in F 2 Clarini in C 2 Trombe in C Timpani Sleigh ringing in F, A, C, E, G Violino I Violino II Viola Violoncello/Contrabasso

b) Arrangement as childrens symphony by Franz Theodor Cursch-Bühren: "Die Schlittenfahrt"
source unknown
Breitkopf & Härtel 1896

This arrangement deviates from the original in many substantial ways:
His version consists of 6 numbers only:
01 Intrada (32 bars, new composition)
02 Schlittenfahrt (56 bars, final bars changed)
03 Das vor Kälte zitternde Frauenzimmer (40 bars, new composition)
04 Minuetto (44 bars, part A simplified, Trio new composition)
05 Kehraus (32 bars, somewhat changed)
06 Schlittenfahrt (56 bars, repetition of no. 02, senza replica)

Instrumentation: Violin I Violin II Viola Violoncello Trumpet and drum (on 1 system) Triangle and carillon (on 1 system) Ratchet, friction drum and whip (on 1 system).

Karl Paulsson


Completed by alternative Tromboni, version of "Bayerische Staatsbibliothek", at Kalliwoda's suggestion on German forum.

Karl Paulsson

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