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MacDowell's "Indian Suite" was the last of his nine compositions for orchestra.

Op. 15 First Concerto (1885)

Op. 22 Hamlet and Ophelia (1885)

Op. 23 Second Concerto (1890)

Op. 25 Lancelot and Elaine (1888)

Op. 29 Lamia (1908)

Op. 30 Two Fragments after the Song of Roland (1891) I. The Saracens - II. The Lovely Alda

Op. 35 Romance for Violoncello and Orchestra (1888)

Op. 42 First Suite (1891-1893) I. In a Haunted Forest - II. Summer Idyl - III. In October - IV. The Shepherdess' Song - V. Forest Spirits

Op. 48 Second Suite (1897) I. Legend - II. Love Song - III. In War-time - IV. Dirge - V. Village Festival

Otto Taubmann, who produced the piano solo arrangement of "Indian Suite" shown on IMSLP, also produced a piano duet arrangement of it, which was also published by Breitkopf & Hartel.

A free MIDI of Otto Taubmann's piano solo arrangement of "Indian Suite" is available at:

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