Talk:Variations for Piano, Op.27 (Webern, Anton)

The .pdf file for the Webern Variations actually contains three compositions: Op.27 itself, the piece labelled something like "Fortepianaya Pesa" in Cyrillic, and the piece labelled something like "Detskaya Pesa" in Cyrillic. The latter two are Webern's Stück (Im Tempo eines Menuetts) from 1925 and the Kinderstück (Lieblich) of 1924. If somebody has the capability to split the .pdf file, it might be best if these pieces were posted as separate entries. If they are to remain bundled with the Variations, then perhaps the title of the composite entry should be something such as "Webern's Serial Piano Works". Tangential to this, it would be nice if someone could post Webern's Stück of 1925; this would complete the set of Webern's four serial compositions for piano (so far as I can discover, Webern wrote nothing for piano between the two (atonal but pre-serial) Stücke of 1909-1910 and these four works).

I will look into this... the result will probably be the same file linked to from multiple pages. --Feldmahler 10:47, 25 September 2006 (EDT)

Looks like the most of recent Webern scores are downloaded from either Tarakanov or Buriakov WWW sites in Russia and somehow, I feel, they should get a credit for it.