(An exceptionally large number of requests for works by [[:Category:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] were removed to: [[:Category talk:{{{1}}}|the composer’s discussion page]]. Please read the wishlist guidelines on what constitutes unreasonable requests.)


{{Laundry | Composer’s name(s) }}

Usually the place that abnormally long wishlists are being removed to is the composers’ talk page. If another location is suitable or has already been designated, include the link to that other page (including all of its wiki formatting) as a second parameter:

{{Laundry | Surname(s), First name(s) | [[IMSLP:dev/null|Somewhere else]] }}

N.B. Note this template implicitly follows surname, first name order. Usually a composer’s listing on a page will have a major heading, e.g.:

=={{Cat|Bach, P.D.Q.}} (1807?–1742)==

Thus the name should simply be copied and pasted from the heading to the laundry template… but beware of redirects involved at the other end of the composer link!

{{Laundry|Bach, P.D.Q.}}