Sam Gossner (also known as Samulis Augustus) is a young composer/arranger focused on cinematic and orchestral "Program" pieces, embracing the ideas of Romanticism while turning towards contemporary notions on form and melody. His work can mainly be found on exterior sites such as Newgrounds, but several of his scores may be found on IMSLP. In addition to commercial projects, he also does non-commercial scores for games and commissioned scores.

Notable Compositions/Scores

  • Score to Airscape: The Fall of Gravity (2015)- Full orchestral game score (approx. 40 minutes)
  • Score to Primal Champions (2013)- Full orchestral game score featuring medieval instruments (approx. 14 minutes)
  • The Kingdom (2012)- Four-movement short orchestral suite
  • Score to Lost Existance (TBR)- A semi-ambient orchestral score
  • Score to Wrath of Allegiance (TBR)- Full orchestral game score (approx. 15 minutes)
  • Journey (2011)- Band arrangement of Progress, an earlier orchestral composition

Overall, he has composed over 130 original pieces, the majority of which may be found on his Newgrounds page (shown above) as digital audio files.

Additional Information

Website (Versilian Studios)

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