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Teo Vincent IV / Theodore Barry Vincent - His works:,_Teo

Vincent was a Top Technical Trainer and Technical Writer in California's Silicon Valley. Extensive background as Multi-Keyboardist in a wide variety of performing ensembles. Composing for many decades. Learning at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Producing scores, new media and writings about music.

Published "Honoring Those That Went Before" in 2009 a book of his original piano scores, from Classical to Modern Music. Honoring his grandmother Stella Claudia Ruddock-Vincent the concert pianist. Vincent includes standard classical Italian music nomenclature as well as Afro-Latin Piano rhythmic techniques in his works. (over 6 books now!)


The music itself is the goal for him, sharing the incredible joy of reading, writing and playing beautiful music. Helping uphold traditions, keeping cultures alive and enriching lives with them is his passion.

Some of Teo Vincent IV's current web sites: A nice
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Continuous Random Play & Inda Sabatini's lovely watercolor paintings Testing..

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