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Submission Errors

Hi there! I was looking at the error logs and noticed that you were getting errors trying to submit files:

Dec 29, 3:28:21 EST -- USER:Beethoven986 LOG:filesubmiterror FILENAME:Alkan_-_Op._39,_12_Etudes,_4._Symphonie_2.pdf‎  --> Alkan_-_Op._39,_12_Etudes,_4._Symphonie_2.pdf‎
WORKPAGE:12 Minor Etudes, Op. 39 (Alkan, Charles Valentin) CALLERID:SAF
ERROR:File not found (file name given is <i>Alkan_-_Op._39,_12_Etudes,_4._Symphonie_2.pdf‎</i>). Please upload file before filling this form.

The reason is that there is some sort of space-like character (probably in unicode) which is preventing the system from recognizing your submission. A way to fix this would be to delete all "spaces" before and after the file name. Thanks for the submissions btw :) --Feldmahler 03:35, 29 December 2006 (EST)

Dussek sonatas

Hello, Do you have more information about the publication you submitted? We want to make sure it's devoid of copyright! Cheers, Peter talk 16:11, 9 May 2007 (EDT)