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Hey Ludovico!

I am happy to know you liked my composition :)

The program I used is Finale 2007. I've tried quite a few, such as NoteWorthy, Finale Notepad (a free version of Finale 2007), even Lilypond, but I've found that with Finale 2007 I can write my scores efficiently and quickly. The bad thing with Finale 2007 is that it's expensive (about 600 dollars, if you want the latest version from scratch). I got it from a friend of mine so I didn't pay anything. If you want, you can scan your scores and send them, and I could typeset them for you (for free, that is :P) so you can upload them later. My e-mail is in case you want to send the scans, or ask questions that you don't want other people to read, or just send me an e-mail :P

BTW, you can reply to this message by either editing this section and inserting a colon ( " : " ) before each paragraph of your reply, or by editing the message you left me on my discussion page and adding your reply beneath it (I personally prefer the second way, because I will get informed about the reply, while if you reply here, I won't get informed).

I am looking forward to seeing your reply :P

Take care! ~ jujimufu 11:13, 22 July 2007 (EDT)

Ok then :) Feel free to ask me any questions, if you have any difficulties while notating your pieces in Finale. You can also ask in if you have any questions, as they have a special category for Finale-related questions :). Take care and good luck :P Can't wait to see your compositions. Tell me when you upload them, ok? :)
Cheers! ~ jujimufu 09:26, 24 July 2007 (EDT)