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Le Carnval des Animaux, XIII: Le Cygne (The Swan) - request

Hello Nomis I found the link to "Le Carnval des Animaux, XIII: Le Cygne (The Swan), free piano transcription",which you uploaded, and tried to click on it to download it. But i'm unable to download it probably because of my domain(which country i come from). Therefore, I am blocked from downloading it. May I ask, if you can send the score to me via email( Or you can give me the link to where you found it? Thank you

Et, aussi, bienvenue! --Emeraldimp 20:29, 20 February 2007 (EST)

Merci beaucoup Emeraldimp! Are you an administrator too (like Feldmahler, Peter or Carolus) ? --Nomis

De rien. ;-) Not exactly, I've just been here a long time, and try to help out if I see something. --Emeraldimp 11:44, 21 February 2007 (EST)

Reicha Fugues - missing pages

Hi Nomis

I downloaded the Reicha 36 fugues a few days ago and found that pages 20 and 21 are missing from the file. I saw on your page that you don't have a scanner, so I guess you found this on the internet somewhere. I was wondering if you could tell me where you found it so that I can email the person who scanned it and let them know. Thanks

Hello Lloydbuck (?), Excuse me, I read yor message only now. Thank you for your message, I have said this on the Reicha's Fugue page. I have take the score on the web site of Abraham Espinosa. But he take it on an other web site too. I have found "my" version (with the bookmark that I have make) in; have take his file on If I find an other version of the Fugues (or just the 2 missing pages), I send you. But try to contact Abraham Espinosa... Bye. -- Nomis