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Suzi More is Susan Morehead, she uses the Suzi More name for her recordings. I will give you my shortened version of my Max Kowalski article which is over 37 pages long.

                Max Kowalski, His Music and Life by Susan Morehead 

Max Kowalski (1882-1956) was born in Kowal, Poland. His family moved the next year to Frankfort, Germany, where he grew up, studied and earned Doctorates in both Music and Law (his specialty was Copyrights). His teacher of composition was Bernhard Sekles and voice, Alexander Heineman. In Germany from 1913 till 1931, Max Kowalski was a prolific composer of beautiful songs in the Romantic style. Although he was Jewish, Max Kowalski wrote music of all styles and genres, from Japanese, Chinese, Danish, Arabic, French and that of many great German authors, he even wrote a Marienlieder in his Opus 12. He was friend to many other composers, performers and artists and every song cycle he wrote was quickly published until Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich took over the country. In the late 30's Kowalski was very involved with the "Kulterbund" in Frankfurt, Germany and his music continued to have popularity in their orchestral concerts. He is mentioned and highlighted by his presence at the last concert Kulturbund (1938) chronicled in Martin Goldsmith's book entitled "The Inextinguishable Symphony." By the end of 1938, Kowalski was arrested and spent time in Buchenwald but shortly was released and he fled to England where he spent the rest of his life teaching voice, singing in a synagogue and making a humble living. Although no music of his was ever published again, he kept writing new works, 17 new song cycles in manuscripts which singers performed in concerts and on radio. As you can see in the list of Published and Unpublished Works, Max Kowalski continued writing song cycles till 1954, two years before his death. Kowalski's musical works, except for Opus 4 (Pierrot Lunaire) had been out-of-print for many years until in 2005, Dr. Walter Foster of Recital Publications in Huntsville, Texas took up the commitment to bring as many of Max Kowalski's song cycles to the public as possible. So far, 11 of his 17 previously published cycles have been reprinted as well as one manuscripte, Opus 18, the Seven Songs of Hafiz.


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