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Dear Texas45oklahoma35, The Crussell Duo you posted is a new typeset by someone with the address Did you do this typeset, or do you have their permission to post it here? If not, this item will be deleted within the next day or so. Thanks, Carolus 00:14, 15 February 2009 (EST) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)


Copyright Violation: Darius Milhaud
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Please DO NOT add works by Darius Milhaud.
Reason: Scores by Milhaud are not in the public domain in Canada (this is a Canadian site) or the EU; these uploads are unacceptable, even if they are in the public domain in the United States. Regards, Philip (Copyright Review team)

Please visit this page to familiarise yourself with the restrictions on uploads to this website.

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Orchestral Muscian's CD-Rom Library

Further to PML's admonition above, please not that corporate logos (trademarks) of this nature are not permitted here. These files might be OK if you remove all of the logos, otherwise no. Carolus 00:09, 6 March 2009 (EST) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)

Mozart: Clarinet Concerto, Rossini, Stamitz works

Dear Texas45oklahoma35, Please read our guidelines for contributors before wasting both of our time, especially the part about what is public domain and what is not. The solo part you posted is a recent typeset, clearly done in Sibelius, that was not done by you. If you had bothered to read our guidelines, you would know that we do not allow the posting of unattributed re-engravings or typesets that are less than 25 years old without the written permission of the typesetter. It's fine to post new engravings that are less than 25 years old - as long as you have permission from the person who created it. This means that it is your responsibility to find out who created it and obtain permission. Unless you produce some sort of permission in 24 hours, this typeset will be deleted. 01:38, 18 March 2009 (EDT) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)