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Founded by Wilhelm Paul in Dresden in 1842 the firm operated until 1857. It specialized in dance music and songs, both solo and male chorus. Its output was modest--300 works in 15 years. Most of the composers in its catalog are obscure today, however it published many works by Carl Gottlieb Reissiger, Carl Loewe, and Louis Spohr.

His imprint was later taken over by Bernhard Friedel.


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Plate Numbers

  • Paul's plate numbers are in the format of ###. Dates in italics are estimated.
Plate Composer Work Year
097 Reissiger 6 Lieder und Gesänge, Op.50 (2nd ed., arr. voice/piano) 1830
225 Reissiger Lieder und Gesänge, Op.123 1837
241 Reissiger Lieder, Op.131 1838
253 Spohr String Quintet No.5, Op.106 1839
407 Loewe Zigeuner Sonata, Op.107b 1847
452 Berens Klänge aus Norden 1851

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