Bach family


16th Century, Wechmar

Precise dates/genealogy very uncertain

  • Hans Bach (b. before 1550,
    • Vitus „Veit“ Bach (ca.1555?–1599) VIAF
      Another (possibly related) Veit Bach is known to have died in 1619 (VIAF)
      • Philippus „Lips“ Bach (ca.1575?–1620), father or brother of Andreas (1587*), Wendel (ca.1600*)
      • Johann(es) „Hans“ Bach (ca.1585?–1626) VIAF, known as “der Spielmann”, father of Johann (1604*), Christoph (1613*), Heinrich (1615*)
    • Caspar Bach (ca.1570–after 1640)
      • Caspar Bach (ca.1600*) VIAF
      • Heinrich „Blinder Jonas“ Bach (†1635)
      • Melchior Bach (1603–1634)
      • Johann(es) Bach (1612–1632)
      • Nicolaus Bach (1618–1637)

Descendents of Johann Bach (“Erfurt Line”)

  • Johann Bach (1604–1673) VIAF
    • Johann Christian Bach (1640–1682)
      • Johann Jacob Bach (1668–1692)
      • Johann Christoph Bach (1673–1727) VIAF
        • Johann Samuel Bach (1694–1720)
        • Johann Christian Bach (1696*)
        • Johann Günther Bach (1703–1756) VIAF
    • Johann Aegidius Bach (1645–1716) VIAF
    • Johann Nicolaus Bach (1653–1682)
      • Johann Nicolaus Bach (1682*), not a musician

Descendents of Christoph Bach

Descendents of Heinrich Bach (“Arnstädt Line”)

Descendents of Lips Bach

  • Andreas Bach (1587–1637), not a musician
    • Johann Bach (1621–1686)
      • Johannes Poppo Bach (1659–1738), not a musician
      • Johann Stephan Bach (before 1665–1717) VIAF
  • Wendel Bach (ca.1600–?), not a musician

Other relatives

Thought to be related members of the family, but precise lineage not known.

  • Hans Bach (ca.1555–1615)
    Thought by CPE Bach to be a member of the family: a distinct different individual to the Hans Bach who died in 1626 or the putative grandfather of that Hans who died ca.1576.
  • Johann Michael Bach (1745–1820) VIAF, music theorist known as the “Wuppertaler Bach”
    Considered doubtful whether Johann Michael is the son of Johann Elias Bach.
    • Johann Georg Bach (1786–1874) VIAF
    • Georg Friedrich Bach (1792–1860)