Category:Bach for Viols

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed for viol consort by Hitoshi Watanabe


This is a library of the works by J. S. Bach arranged for 3, 4 and 5-part viol consort. My edition has a distinctive feature that all the parts are provided in a score format, which offers all the other voices in a reduced scale with gray notes. Additionally, in most of the compositions, important motifs are marked in colors. For example, main themes are shown in red, counter themes in green and transformed main themes in yellow. Blue notes occasionally found in other voices are guiding notes for getting back from a long rest. These features will make reading music sure (even if without prior personal practice) and help the player to grasp the contrapuntal texture of the compositions.

In some cases I have moved short segments from one voice to other for various reasons: to make playing easier, to make page turning (mentioned later) possible, to avoid lengthy rests, to distribute contentment to every voice more equally, or simply because I have increased the number of voices.

When a part has 3 pages or more, there are rests in such voice at the end of odd-number pages and the beginning of even-numbered pages enough to turn pages. So, you may print page 2 on the back of page 1, page 4 on the back of 3, and so on. Taping these sheets together, you can make a sheet music booklet of 4 pages or more. When you find a short fragment of a score but no page number on the first page, it is just a front cover for making a booklet and the next page should be printed on the back of this page.