Category:Barnstar Templates

This contains the templates for the barnstars, to make keeping track of them easier. Usage:

  • How to use: {{STARTYPENAME|MESSAGE}}
  • CleanStar: For cleanup work around the wiki.
  • IMSLPStar: For scans of works, or some extraordinary wiki work.
  • DebussyAward: For work with or scans of French Composers.
  • CuiAward: For work with or scans of Russian Composers. Alternate: TchaikovskyAward, for the same, except of composers who didn't exactly love the Five.
  • BachAward: For uploading works of the Bach Family.
  • SibleyAward: For uploading works from external websites.
  • BreitkopfAward: For uploading complete works.
  • PutnamAward: For outstanding categorization contributions.