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Phantasm for Piano and Orchestra.

Hallo. I'm glad to see some of Frank Bridge's wonderful pieces here. I already have some in actual sheet music, but some scores here are of music I have been looking for for years but never found.

If anyone who reads this has the full score for his Phantasm for Piano and Orchestra, I would be really glad if it could be submitted. This is an intriguing late piece of Bridge's, in his almost atonal style, perhaps rather reminiscent of late Scriabin in some ways, and I have long wanted to study this score.

I would be grateful if it could appear here one day. The only question is whether it was ever published - I seem to have the vaguest idea it was issued by Faber in large format, but I may be mistaken on this. Thanks.

I would also like to see the early tone-poem "Summer".

(Other orchestral works by Bridge were issued by Faber: "Enter Spring", Oration (for Cello and Orchestra), and the Suite for String Orchestra.) M.J.E. 16:17, 1 November 2009 (UTC)

Please post your request here for a greater chance of success: The only thing I see is a 2 piano reduction published by Faber in 1941, which means, should it be uploaded, it will be temporarily blocked due to it being under copyright in the US. Daphnis 16:22, 1 November 2009 (UTC)