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Gabriel Morel - Paul Loraine?

Well, well, well - fancy that! The once-ubiquitous Gabriel Morel is really Gabriel Bunel, is he? I never knew - although I have long known about Gabriel Morel, because his pieces can often be found in dusty piles of second-hand sheet music in old shops that sell music. He must have been very popular at one stage, although I don't quite know why, because I have to say that his pieces are rather ordinary examples of the salon-music style.

I can't help with any information about Bunel/Morel at all, despite the notice saying that more information is requested. It is news to me even that his real name was apparently Gabriel Bunel.

I can't help wondering whether Paul Loraine is another pseudonym for Bunel, because, in those very same dusty piles of mouldering sheet music, one could just as easily find pieces, in a very similar style, with the name of Paul Loraine on them. The music really (it must be said) was no better in quality - quite mediocre, in fact - but the Morel and Loraine pieces did have in common those really old-fashioned, quite attractive covers with the evocative pictures on them, such as can be found in a couple of the Bunel pieces on this site.

If anyone knows any more about Bunel/Morel/Loraine (including whether they are all the same composer), I would be interested to learn about it. M.J.E. 10:17, 12 March 2011 (UTC)

My reason for supposing Bunel and Morel the same is in that BNF link - I maybe should double-check. If anyone really does know, all information is appreciated, seconded... Eric 16:32, 12 March 2011 (UTC)