Category talk:Cœdès, Auguste


There seem to be rather large discrepancies among various sources on Cœdès's dates of both birth and death. I'll list the three cited by LC here:

  • Gänzl, K. Encyclopedia of the musical theatre, 2nd ed.: b.‏ ‎Dec. 11, 1840, Paris; d. July 13, 1884, Passy
  • Stieger, F. Opernlexikon:‏ b. 1841; d. July 15, 1884
  • Dictionnaire de la musique en France au XIXe siècle, c2003‏: b. Dec. 11, 1840, Paris; d. July 15, 1884, Paris

On the final line, the 2004 decision of OCLC is also given: 1835?-1884. However, I find it preferable to go with the most recent cited source (the Dictionnaire); all three sources contradict the notion that he might have been born in 1835. It would be interesting to know why OCLC changed it to 1835. KGill talk email 14:02, 22 October 2010 (UTC)