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How do I sort the Symphonies better? It would be neater to have them as:

Concertante Symphonies, Suite 1 Concertante Symphonies, Suite 2

with the individual numbered symphonies in these pages, and the instrumentation. Then they are all in the right order, and the page is less cluttered. Fynnjamin

There are even three different categories: Of the first Suite (which is not explicitly named like this, but presupposed by the second suite) there are by now no works in IMSLP (it contains only symphonies for string instruments in the concertante part). The concertante symphonies with wind instruments in the solo parts were counted separately (No.1-4 are on IMSLP). The 2nd suite, however, contains symphonies for string and wind instruments in the solo part. I changed the names of the pages to make sure that the single pieces are in the right order in the suite to which they belong, but certainly it would also be a possibility to put each complete suite on one page. Cgo

The page "3 Flute Quintets, Op.9" is empty now and can be removed. These Quintets are actually part of Op.8, and the scores have been moved there. Cgo

Thanks for the notice. In the future, you may wish to redirect it yourself - replace the entire text of one page with #REDIRECT [[pagename]] (in this case, #REDIRECT [[6 Flute Quintets, Op.8 (Cambini, Giuseppe Maria)]]). This is more useful than simply removing the page, as it prevents offsite links from becoming broken. Cheers, KGill talk email 21:33, 5 October 2010 (UTC)